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27 Years of Hollywood In Polaroids By Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol and the Art of Secular Iconography

Today is the 27 years anniversary of Andy’s death. Andy Warhol was perhaps the greatest iconographer, iconolater and iconoclast of our time.

Let’s revisit the story of Andy Warhol and his celebrity polaroid portraits.

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This is probably the best time to revisit one of his main contribution to modern arts : the pop-celebrity. The artist who was dazzled by celebrity and fame described in its work what celebrity worship and human objectification is in modern society. Warhol’s Polaroids provide an interesting look at the celebrities of his days. At this time where fame had the chance to last 15 long minutes, this polaroïds where an attempt to deconstruction of the celebrity image which shows the today’s celebrities in the most unflattering light.

Warhol view of the celebrities was mostly shape in his fascination of it. Warhol was fascinated by Marilyn, the wild figures from the studio 54, and by the night.

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