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Oscar Race Edition | The Ultimate Boys Face-Off

Awards Season : The Boys Battle

Oh what an awards month !!

I wrote about the Girls’ Oscars battle  and the Lupita vs J-Law. But this year boys battle is more entertaining.

This competition is tighter than it’s ever have been in a long time, maybe ever. Oscar voting is in its final stretch. Which means that the right work, the right communication, the right appearance and the right speeches will make the right difference. Means Brad Pitt had to put his little golden face to work and campaign for 12 Years A Slave. And he finally showed up in London to the BAFTAs with La Jolie.

So wassup in the men category ?

The Ultimate Face-Off : The A-List VS The B-List


Matthew McConaugheyTHE GOOD OL’ BOY MADE GOOD” : 1 GG + 1 SAG 

MMC Strategy : Matthew is the favourite of this year. It’s difficult to understand his star rank. From my point of view he’s not an A-List, he’s a super bankable  B+ List with no A movie in his career. Last year marked a real turnaround for the former king of junky rom-coms with movie like Killer Joe and Bernie and Magic Mike. This year DBC will probably gives him first Oscar of his career. But still, the TRex of Texas will always be in mind. However he was the first I though for this year Oscar when I did my first prediction one year ago (click here for a refresher) That means Dallas Buyer Club was already slowly but surely campaigning.

Leonardo Dicaprio ” The Wolf of Awards” : 1 GG + 1 Sag

Leo strategy : Leo is a very interesting case here. He has been awaiting for his moment for so long. He has an A++ career, an A++ image, and he sat with the A++ people. For years, Leonardo DiCaprio was out to prove himself as more than just a teen heartthrob. He’s the best way to get audiences into Hollywood’s most expensive adult fare.  (Vulture).

He is a serious actor. No doubt.

Leo has been coming hard into the campaign this season. From red carpet to interview to stunning covers (Check the latest issue of Variety).

But Leo’s been working behind the scenes. His campaign has been underground…but a campaign nonetheless, the most enthusiastic, aggressive campaign he has ever mounted. Leo wants it this time. He wants it bad. If you have doubts about this you should read his new interview with Variety._LaineyGossip

Chiwetel Ejiofor “The Real Underdog”

Look, if it were up to me, it would be Chiwetel Ejiofor for Best Actor. But the battle between Leo and Matthew will be , as Lainey says, much more fun in a campaigning point of view. They both are very well connected seated at the A++ List cafeteria. However, the Academy sometimes loves underdog, and Chiwetel is an underdog as 12 YAS is. He btw won at last night BAFTA awards. Was it a reward ?

Debauchery is not celebrated. Greed is not celebrated. Humanity is on trial. Of course Hollywood would have a hard time confronting that._LaineyGossip

Best Supporting Actor

Jared Leto vs Jared Leto : “The Unbeatable”

Leto’s strategy : At this time Leto has really been sweeping the awards circuit; it is hard to imagine that changing. He has the perfect story to sell :  a little bit of drama, a little bit of resurrection as he was out of the acting for 6 years, and his performance as the transgender AIDS patient Rayon in “Dallas Buyers Club.” is a compelling transformational role that usually put actors in the verve.

The thing with Leto is he has been in the circuit for so long, as long as Brad Pitt or clooney was, so he absolutely knows how the Hollywood machine works. He manage his campaigning like a real pro, he knows what to say how and when. Like he did at the SAG as shouting the good old traditional discourse ” My-mama-is-here-and she’s-the-best-mother-in-the-all-world-she’s-my-first-supporter-thank-you”. You know how America is about family. This things always work.

Jonah Hill “Soon to be A-list Star”

Jonah Hill is a TWO TIME Oscar nominee. F-ck us all. Jonah won’t win, but he has had a strong career evolution. And now that he is Leo’s best friend and they’ll be working together again on a movie about Richard Jewell, who found the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics and was then falsely accused of being the potential bomber. See the power of the Oscar Noms?

Now Check this wrap-up video on who deserve the Oscar best (click on the pix)

THR Actors roundtable
THR Actors roundtable

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