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The Oscars Race Edition | Leo Dicaprio x The Wolf of Wall Street

The teen heartthrob who became too much of an A++ list star

Last night my cousin who now start to admit that I am kind of a celebrity expert asked me if I thought that Leonardo Dicaprio might have a chance to get an Oscar this time. And weirdly I found it super hard to answer this question. So I thought it was my responsibility to answer this crucial question because we  are all be wondering why WHY Leo doesn’t have an oscar yet ?!?

Predictions and critics all agreed that Leonardo Dicaprio has strong chance to get his Oscar with the movie he stars on : The Wolf of Wall Street.


Leo’s Strategy : Remind Who’s The Boss

Leonardo Dicaprio is a very interesting celebrity persona to analyze. Remember Leo in Titanic ? When he was still a young good looking guy. He was at the time the bieber of our generation (I am talking about the Y gen of course). He was the beloved teen star that became a very serious bankable actor. He is still hot at his 40. He makes film with the greatest. Everything seems to be perfect. Except this one big thing. LEO NEVER WON AN OSCAH YET GODDAM IT !

Leo is an A++ list. According to the Vulture’s list :

 His studio value is second only to Brad Pitt’s, because while DiCaprio is still popcorn-blockbuster-averse, he’s the best way to get audiences into Hollywood’s most expensive adult fare

Now Leo can do everything he wants, he can choose with whom to work and what salary he deserve. So why no Oscar yet?

When you get right down to it, there is a certain set number of roles that will win you the Oscar, and they usually fall under the heading of the following:

  • Based On A True Story – Edgar, The Aviator, Catch Me If You Can, Titanic (kind of) Wolf of Wall Street.
  • Mental Issue – Shutter Island Inception, Shutter Island, The Aviator, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.
  • Gay – J.Edgar, The Basketball Diaries (kind of).
  • Topical – Django Unchained, Body Of Lies, Blood Diamond.
  • Famous Adaptations – The Great Gatsby, Revolutionary Road, Romeo & Juliet.
  • And finally, set a movie in World War II, and it’ll be guaranteed to pique the attention of the Oscar voters. – Shutter Island

Leo did them all. I wonder why the Academy keep  snubbing him all the time?

The Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street has been a lot more offensive in Oscar campaigning  during the last months. This movie puts Scorsese right back in the thick of the Oscar race, if Academy members, particularly older ones, can deal with the almost non-stop parade of sex, drugs, nudity and rock and roll.

The Wolf of Wall Street is extremely problematic

Sex, drugs, women, sex, drugs, women, manic pep talks, f-words, sex, f-words, screaming, drugs, sex, f-words, partying, drugs, women, sex, screaming, manic pep talks, sex, women, drugs… You get the point. []

The wolf of Wall Street is extremely entertaining but disturbing. Presenting the most ridiculous portrayal of the American dream I’ve ever seen. Leo plays Jordan Belfort, a trader who became famous by getting really really rich by “selling garbage to garbagemen.”.

Those who were part of the film have stated that the central theme involves the excess of greed existent in Wall Street, but the movie simultaneously glorifies the fuck out of the culture, the misogyny, the ableism, and the greed. The real problem with this is that while you watch the movie you suddenly either absolutely hate it and run away from it, or you absolutely (and shamley) enjoy it. I for myself, absolutely adored it. The money talk, the arrogance, the sex talk, the unashamed desire of being rich. I liked it.

SO. Can Leo win this time ? 

I’ve got to ask… we’ve ALL got to ask this : how the Academy could gives him an Oscar over Mattew McCaunauGay  and over a story that talk about strong subject like HIV, homosexuality and transgender (Dallas Buyers Club) ?

Because despite what everyone says about this being the performance of Leo’s career, the movie was about out of control parties and debauchery and treating women like sh-t. So… how do you know it was a performance? How do you know that’s just not how he is at the party? He’s always at the party! Have you heard the stories about what used to go down at Jack Nicholson’s parties? That might have been 40 years ago but it doesn’t mean Leo’s not the heir to that empire. (Lainey Gossip)

Lainey’s got a point here. I mean look at him proudly embracing his long-standing playboy persona with an oily wink-and-nod after Tina Fey introduced him onstage: “And now, like a supermodel’s vagina, let’s all give a warm welcome to Leonardo DiCaprio.”

He’s such a douche, a very hot one. We forgive him don’t we?


This remain a difficult choice. And a very entertaining battle between two A lister hot actor. But whatever he won the Golden Globes, he won the SAGs, and he still campaigns hard. That means he still believe in it, and if Leo believes it, we do as well ! This might be his best chance at finally winning an Oscar, and FOR GODSAKES WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT ?!?

And for the delight watch the Leo defending his case on Ellen earlier this year.


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