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Oscar Race Edition | The Ultimate Girls Face-Off

Awards Season : Golden Globes, Critics Choice Awards, SAGs Wrap-up

Oh what a week !!

The award season is one of my favorite. First because I am addicted to Awards shows, I love red carpets like it’s cocaine, and I adore winners speeches like it’s heroine. I could watch every single of them again and again even if it’s 3 hours long. And thanks to the Internet you can sometimes find those sort of amazing treasures :


Cate Blanchett Winning outstanding performance by a female actor in a leading role

And at the end of the day it’s all about ass-kissing and crying over rich people that loose a statuette for making millions in movies. Golden Globes could be considered as a prelude to the Oscars, because 3 days after the GG the Oscars nominees list is announced. However, you could say that the  Critic Choice and SAGs are making the Oscar race  more predictable. 

As we can see this year there’s strong contenders, strong campaigners and ugly dress on the red carpet .Let’s take a look on each awards winners : 

The Ultimate Girls Face-Off: The 40’s vs the 20’s 


Cate Blanchett : 1 Golden Globe + 1  Critic Award + 1 SAG

The Cate Blanchett Strategy : At this time Cate Blanchett can’t be beaten. She won everything without even campaigning.  Cate Blanchett has a great acting career, with strong production and big directors supporting her. She’s exactly what Hollywood love : an Upper East Side Blanche DuBois (Dlisted) so she is an easy choice.

And for her dress, well the one for GG is okay, the others… not okay. And, most disappointingly, her Pink, sequins, Givenchy…napkin?

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Speech best quote : ” 29 secs !? Matthew McConaughey spoke about Neptune I think I can have 5 secondes !” (Click here for the vid)

Loved her at this point. After Tina Fey and Amy Phoeler joke on the fact that Matthew McConaughey lost of weight for his role on Dallas Buyers Club was a common thing for every actress who gets a role Cate Blanchett made herself some great comments on sexism and women discrimination during this award shows.

Meryl Streep : NUL

The Meryl Streep Strategy : Even if the Grand Dame Meryl Streep is a strong contenders for best actress she will not beat Cate blanchett. She hasn’t even campaign for it. She already won hers two years ago, and she’ll only be on carpet to support her movie August: Osage County and the Julia Roberts for her nomination.

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Oh and for her dress case… well, the CCA one is A ok, the SAG’s one is SO NOT ok. What happen did she just blindedly chose one. Yeah I think she did, dame Streep doesn’t have time for this shit anyway !

Sandra Bullock : 1 Critic Choice Award

The Sandra Bullock Strategy : She won the award for Best Action Actress. She’s over 40. She’s an A List. I use to hate Sandra Bullock cheesy roles but in Gravity she has done her best. Obviously she won’t win the Oscar because action role rarely gives you an award. But it’s not what it’s the most important at this time. The most important is that she’s getting more beautiful and hot the more she gets old.  However the dress. I love the GG’s color block dress but unfortunatly the others were really boring. As Lainey said :  “I don’t give a sh-t if it’s Lanvin. It’s the wrong Lanvin.”

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Lupita Nyong’o : 0 GG + 1 Critic + 1 SAG

The Lupita Nyong’o Strategy : Lupita is rising! She’s doing the JLaw 2013 strategy. Which mean  being everywhere, being with everybody, and being perfect. Lupita has become the Hollywood’s newest sweetheart, Internet just exploded of Gif Images and videos of her. She is the favourite of every bloggers including me. She’s Oprah favourite. And hopefully she’ll be the Academy favourite too.

Read Lainey glorious eloge of Lupita :


So gracious, so charming, so popular – easily the most popular last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards as everyone wanted a moment with her…because Lupita Nyong’o is definitely having a moment right now… (Read full text)

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Speech best quotes : ” I tell to my dad ‘ Daddy do you know Brad Pitt ? I am going to be in a movie with him! And he said, I don’t know him personally but I am glad you got a job “. (Watch her entire Sag Speech here)

Jennifer Lawrence : 1 GG + Snubbed the CCA + no SAG

The Jennifer Lawrence Strategy : making photobombs GIFS. The JLaw Gif is becoming a real tradition now, you know there’s a million of them on Tumblr . This year she did a few too, love hers trying to scare the Swifty.

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Julia Roberts : 0 Awards + 1000 pics with Meryl Streep  + ugliest dresses of her entire career

The Julia Roberts strategy :

Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep were pretty tight last night at the Critics’ Choice Awards. They were on the carpet together, they sat together, they hugged several times, and for the most part, on those occasions, Julia held down The Julia, because even Julia knows that Julia Roberts < Meryl Streep. (LaineyGossip)

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