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New Collaboration Alert | Givenchy x Erykah Badu

I was nicely surprised when I saw the new Givenchy campaign featuring Erykah Badu. Not that I don’t see her as fashionable, but I didn’t think she would be the kind of person to hang around Riccardo Tisci‘s circle. Besides in term of muses, he already has Ciara, Mariacarla Boscono & Lea T.


Joined by Maria Borges, Riley, and Asia Chow, this campaign can be considered as the first featuring only women of colors. A milestone in the representation of WOC in fashion?

erykah-badu-purple-fashion-2014-4 erykah-badu-purple-fashion-2014-3 erykah-badu-purple-fashion-2014-2 erykah-badu-purple-fashion-2014-1

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