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Celebrity Endorsement | Lady Gaga x Versace

Lady Gaga x Versace

Wow can you say “exact copy” ?



Can we say this is a Donatella drag younger version ?

Gaga is currently promoting her latest album called Artpop like the rent is due so this campaign is well on time.

I’m not against a partnership between Lady Gaga & Versace, she has worn their designs before numerous times, including some iconic vintage dresses, so I guess that their relationship is pretty good. Also I like this editorial’s styling, it reminds me of one of Versace’s best campaign with Christina Aguilera back 10 years ago.

However I find this all Clone-atella thing could’ve been more creative than this. It’s good but there’s no WOW effect that Gaga used to give everytime she had to sell something. Considering that Gaga is the master of changing the way that she looks, it’s almost a cop-out that they styled her to look exactly like Donatella, since they could have done SO MUCH more with Lady Gaga.They missed a great opportunity to go all out “Fashion Gaga.”

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