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The Year of 2013 In Magazine Covers

It’s the period of the year we wrap-up on everything that’s a bit relevant. Well


Lana Del Rey on the cover of the Russian edition of Interview – In a very arty cover LDR was referred as indie sensation  and Youtube revelation of the 2012 with her song Video Games. Since then she has build a very successful brand that some says is now way too commercial. Even if she’ll probably get a nomination for ‘Young and Beautiful‘ as Best Original Song for Great Gastby, younger singer Lorde will probably take her  Indie pop princess crown on 2014.



Rihanna on the cover of Rolling Stone. “Stupid ass RiRi’s stupid ass relationship with stupid ass Chris Brown is nobody’s business, which is why she’s talking about it to Rolling Stone.” _ Dlisted.

rihanna rolling stone march

Bey on the cover of GQ by Terry Richardson. It was for sure a very sexy cover a bit Rihanna Look-a-like but a good entrance for Beyonce big year. To introduce her Mrs Carter Tour Beyonce performed at the 2013 Super Bowl . Remember ? She absolutely killed it !

beyonce GQ2

Kate Moss the Great on W Magazine Cover

Kate Moss the great on Wmag March


Beyonce stroke the Vogue Cover. 2013 was Bey year . She was absolutely everywhere. No doubt about it. She also made it in fashion with her H&M collaboration. “Beyonce Beyonce, everywhere Beyonce. 2013 has been all about Beyonce. So Beyonce directed a movie about Beyonce using Beyonce’s own footage of Beyonce and it healed Beyonce and made Beyonce want to cry. Pure. Narcissism. 100 proof.”_ Lainey Gossip.

bey vogue march

Taylor Swift on Elle Cover. Another big music star getting superbig. Taylor Swift  Won Artist Of The Year at the AMA Awards 2013“You bought 6 million copies of my album?!?” Yes people you did…



FLOTUS on Vogue. It ook me a while before getting this acronym but now I love it. Who’s not in love whit Michelle anyway ?But no photo no covers, not even the Vogue cover can beat this image. And nothing can be more funnier than her doing the mom dancing on Jimmy Fallon

Michelle Obama for Vogue US

– At the age of 73, Tina Turner was the oldest woman to be on a Vogue cover, and she was absolutely stunning. She was simply the best.

Dame Tina Tuner on Vogue (Deutsch)

Michelle Williams appeared with redface on the cover of Another magazine. This was hugely criticized. Williams posed for the British fashion and culture mag looking like an american native woman. The “redface” was interpreted as an offensively clichéd version of Native American.

Michelle Williams for Another


Leonardo Dicaprio was on Esquire starting is year of his big Oscar campaign. First with The Great Gatsby movie, then later for The Wolf of Wall Street. The Martin Scorcese’s muse Oscars chance are apparently very strong now (they were There were standing ovations at the premiere of “WoWS”. Really??). And he wants it so badly.  But there are five solid contenders (Chiwetel Ejiofor, Oscar Isaac, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Redford, and Tom Hanks). There’s Forest Whitaker who’s a maybe. And Joaquin Phoenix just behind him, whose chances would greatly improve if he put even five minutes of effort into campaigning (which he won’t).( LaineyGossip)

Leonardo Dicaprio for Esquire

Daft Punk on Obsession. The French electronic duo are up for five awards including Album of the Year at the Grammy. (Rolling Stone)

Daft Punk on Obsession mag

Jason Collins on Sports Illustrated first official coming out in celebrity sport atheletes.



Angelina Jolie on the Time. Read ont the evolution of Angie image : from fatale to saint.

angie profile2.indd


– Miley Cyrus on V mag was starting her big transformation and promotion of her new album. This was before becoming an uncle Terry’s pure product of provocation.

Miley Cyrus Vmag JUNE3

Zoe Saldana on Allure

zoe saldana on Allure


Kerry Washington on Vanity Fair. Apparently was the first black woman on the cover of this magazine. Really? In 2013 and VF never put a colored woman on his first page. Seriously….this is

Kerry Washington for Vanity Fair August

Kerry Washington for Vanity Fair August


Blake Lively for Lucky September Issue: The actress may not have many projects to promote, but she still covered the best-selling issues of both Lucky and People StyleWatch this year.

Blake Lively for Lucky mag

Blake Lively for Lucky mag

Oprah is absolutely stunning on this cover. She’s rumored to get a nomination as best supporting actress in the Buttler. It’ll be her first since a long time.

Oprah for O mag

Oprah for O mag

– This cover of Jennifer Lawrence on the Vogue September Issue was a big seller as usual. And a consecration as she became the American ultimate favourite girl.

Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue


Kate Hudson for the 100th of VF.

Kate Upton for Vanity Fair October 2013 Special 100th Anniversary Issue by Annie Leibovitz

Miley Cyrus on Rolling Stone after her outrageous performance at the MTV Awards.

Miley Cyrus for Rolling Stone


Jay Z for Vanity Fair

The B lister battle for Best supporter Oscar. Hard campaigners .

Actor issue on Oscar Wrap

Actor issue on Oscar Wrap


Lady Gaga on Attitude

Lady Gaga on Attitude

Lady Gaga on Attitude

Lea Michelle on the Elle cover. First appearance after Corey’s death .

Lea Michele on Elle

Lea Michele on Elle

The Beckham‘s power couple on Vogue Paris. Victoria Beckham is at her absolute top now she’s a designer. She did very well during the lastest Fashion Week season and had gain her title as designer.


Pop Francis for the Time Person of the year

The Pope Francis as Time's Person Of The Year

The Pope Francis as Time’s Person Of The Year

Taylor Swift on New York Style. I cannot help but not hating this cover even if I really don’t understand all this fuzz around this star. Taylor Swift had won so many awards and sold so many albums and she has such a big army of fans that she won the title of biggest of pop star in the world.  She kinda replace Britney at this time. But for how long ?

Taylors Swift on New York Times

Taylors Swift on New York Times

Lea Seydoux on Jalouse. Lea Seydoux is the new french revelation of 2013. She’s already in every single french movie that is sellable outside France. Is she the next Marion Cotillard ? To my opinion she could. She as the caractere, she is a fresh face, she kinda of differente of all the other french actress that usually look fragile and cute as a doll. She more looks like a Monica Bellucci with something of Beatrice Dalle …that suits her so well.

Lea Seydoux on Jalouse

Lea Seydoux on Jalouse


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