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My favourite blogger quote :

Kerry Washington for Lucky.

” I am sure the plan was, “Let’s put Kerry Washington on the cover because America is obsessed with her right now,” and not, “Let’s put Kerry Washington on the cover and make her look like she’s suffering through menstrual cramps and an extreme cobweb attack while someone blows a wind cannon at her that’s making it impossible for her to open her eyes.”_Go Fug Yourself

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Hello There !!

I am very happy to celebrate the December cover issue because it’s my 12th cover battle post and this means It the celebration of the One Year Anniversary of this blog. Hip Hip Hurra !! I cannot believe I haven’t gave up. But how could I ? It’s been so much fun to share with you on this so fascinating topic that is Entertainment.

It’s a One Year of gossiping, analyzing, criticizing ( bitching) and sometimes sleeping less than 5 hours a day to finish a blog post. I also enjoy the passion of blogging, the pleasure of sharing a though, to start a conversation over a non intellectual topic such as the ugly dress of Kim Kardashing, the fatigue, the extreme happiness to read a new comment and the extreme sadness when having a blank. But that’s usually very rare.

I am very proud and happy to announce that everything and more is to come on Beyond Celebrity and that is just the BEGINNING !!

So please enjoy this month Cover Battle Issue.

Really interesting month. Way more interesting than November. December is like a second September. This issue has a taste of Christmas. This time of the year is like Jingle bells for all magazines in terms of advertising revenue. And it’s also a big month for awards, red-carpet and pre-Oscars campaigning. Every actors will need to promote their big screen production like hell to strike best first week of the holidays.
So let see,

  • We have big A lister  Oscar Campaigner: Georgie Clooney for Gravity, Julia Roberts for Orange County, Nicole Kidman for Grace of Monaco, Marion Cotillard for The Immigrant, J. Law for American Hustle, and Jessica Chastain.
  • Big B Listed Oscar Campaigner : Lupita for 12 Years a Slave, Jared Leto for Dallas Buyer CLub, James Franco for Spring Breaker, Kerry Washington campaigning for the Golden Globes for Scandal.
  • Big pop music star who needs to sells new album / tour : Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Lea Michele, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus.
  • We have the ‘Who-Care’ of the months : Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson.
  • We Have Kate Moss promoting Kate Moss on the Playboy December issue
  • The new Pope as Time person of the Year. (Who later wished they’d name Beyonce after her huge buzz this weekend.)

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