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Fashion Magazine September Issue : The Big Battle


The September issue is always the cover to watch of the year.  The advantage is for the magazine and of course the brands that features the issue because of advertising. And also for the celebrity or the supermodels that strike the cover depending on the notoriety of the magazine. Most of the time it generate good communication for the product that the celebrity support, a new album (Katie Perry) a new movie ( Amber Heard, Diana) or it can help boost an entire career (Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively) .

 The fashion books, as well as some other categories, are the exception to industry-wide advertising declines (WWD). 

And as every year the biggest cover is of course the Vogue issue. And this year Jennifer Lawrence made it.

September’s advertising page totals came the usual hyperbolic boasts from publishers eager to wow female readers, advertisers and the press. In 2012, Vogue had its biggest September advertising haul, 658 pages, since the flush days of 2008.

And in terms of advertising, from 171 for Comopolitain up to 500 ads pages for In style in the past 5 years, Glamour, Elle, Vanity Fair Harper Bazaar and all other well known fashion magazine : we can say Print isn’t dead  !

Here my 6 favourite celebrity cover of the September issue :

  • Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue. the Jennifer Lawrence VOGUE cover. It’s the all-important September issue. It’s an understandable choice. Really, who’s had a better year than Jennifer Lawrence? (LaineyGossip). Yep no need to add more. We get it, JLaw is THE girl of 2013, she is the face of Dior. What else need to be told? Nothing except the shooting looks absolutely amazing. Read the entire interview here.
  • Blake Lively for Lucky. Blake Lively’s LUCKY cover has been released really early in end of July. LUCKY’s new editor-in-chief, is a protégé of Anna Wintour so it’s a one step from the big V but still, Blake hasn’t done any shit this year except becoming the wifey of the year. For an attentionwhore like Blake is it’s pretty much a big something something new step in her career. And her new career is being a WIFE : “Work is important, but my greatest passion is my personal life.” 
  • The O mag cover is simply amazing and Oprah has shown some hair to help. Yes this is all about HAIR. Last time I was reading on about how natural black hair could look clean and professional. Clearly refreshing!  End of August Oprah has made some news with her Lindsay Lohan interview. Lilo & the Mighty O. Nothing big here. Should we believe that Oprah has delivered a miracle? Oprah walks on water. Oprah finds the fish. Oprah has cured the leper Lohan…? In Oprah we trust (LaineyGossip). Oprah is supposed to be some kind of saviour.
  • Amber Heard is the new Angelina Jolie on the cover FLARE.  Yep she’s in the news just by dating Johnny Depp and doing the biggest sexiest untouchable J Depp deserve at least a September cover !
  • Princess Diana for Vanity Fair. VF is the king in making cover of dead celebrity, MJ, Whitney houston and omg Marilyn Monroe, VF did them all. Seriously this is a bit creepy, it look like she’s still alive like it was yesterday that she was all scandalous with new boyfriend while still married ah! I bet the Catherine one won’t play the same game this time, but fair enough she look pretty happy with Will (a.k.a the not hot Prince one).  As we ALL know ( well I bet you knew ) Princess Kate give birth of the maybe probably next king of england. Damnnn do you think that by the time he will be at age to reign their will still be royalty in this world ? Or maybe by the time he grew up we would already managed to figure out how to live in Mars. This cover is clearly on time because the Diana Movie is going out next month and it looks like the critics are terrible. Poor Naomi Watts.
  • Katy Perry is on Elle UK. Instead of crazy noisy Miley Katie Perry is more discrete this days. She’s back with new single ROAR. It’s bad. It’s terribly annoying, I hate it.  But apparently it’s working.

Now Katy is prepping us for the upcoming release her upcoming album, Prism. The record doesn’t even come out until October 22. That won’t stop Katy from promoting nonstop for the next few months. (Celebitchy)

In her video she use emoji-filled texting conversation to clearly targets young tweenager. Orf….! Everybody knows that those little brats are buying pretty much anything that talks to them.

You can find every Fashion Magazaine Cover battle of 2012 Here 

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