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Fashion Magazine July & August 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

I’ve been a bit late later on updating my blog. But hey I do have a good excuse : moving in Paris and starting a new job ARE good excuses isn’t it? Well it looks like I wasn’t the only one being late this month, every mag were late too (hey I don’t blame them, interns have to do all the job by themselves while managers are on vacation).

Anyway so here my selection of best / worst boring, entertaining magazines covers of July and August. There’s no excitement and nothing blows out but it’s pretty normal nothing happened lately since the mastectomy of Angie Jo so Mags have to sell their shit by selling some good old sexy blond chicks whoring up their ass!

So No Kimye, No Angie, No Jenni Law,.

UPDATE: my bad yes of course something happened the duchess Kate birth out the new prince of England and I really can’t wait to see which mag will get the honor to make the Royal cover.


My favourite of this month is Kerry Washington on Vanity Fair.

Yes your heard me Kerry Washington on Vanity Fair !!

it’s been six years since a black woman was on the cover of Vanity Fair, longer since a black woman was on the cover by herself. Lainey Gossip

But what Lainey Suggested is that Kerry isn’t doing Vanity Fair for Black empowerment but for BUSINESS. But at the end it’s always about money isn’t it?

But this is not just about that, is it?

There hasn’t been a shortage of press on Washington lately – Scandal season two begins in the UK tomorrow and that would usually lead to a certain amount of fatigue: same quotes, same message, boredom ensues. Instead, we’ve been treated to a steady, but not overwhelming, string of information that suggests Kerry Washington is Smart.

Yes Kerry is smart just like Olivia is on Scandal. She talk about not being a person of privilege – as a woman and as a person of colour. But doesn’t talk about what most important for all celeb gossip goer we all are. Yes Kerry is Smart because in all her VF interview she didn’t mention that she secretly married football player Nnamdi Asomugha. “and in a surprising plot twist, her new husband isn’t old and white”!  keeping this news a secret until the Fourth of July weekend (and until her Vanity Fair cover came out) a true Olivia Pope move? Well played Kerry! (Dlisted).

In other news…

Amanda Seyfried  talks about how they’re not as big as they used to be: continue reading . The movie Lovelace where she play the role Linda Lovelace a porn actress from the 70,s will soon get out .

– Emma Watson is amazing on Teen Vogue and made a very good impression during all the Bling Ring campaingning, contrary to the Sofia Coppola Vogue Australia cover who is pretty much boring

– Prince think he’s the royal baby. 

– Scarlett Johansson is on the first french Vanity Fair issue !!

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