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Fashion Magazine June 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

As I said, last month Cover Battle was about too big movies and two big actors Leo and RDj.This month is a special battle between three actresses.


Nicole is no Carey

To my opinion the real battle will be between Nic and Zoe. Carey Mulligan is having  her moment but it’s the same moment that Michelle Williams had with One Week With Marilyn. It was an excellent movie and a very great role and performance. But as Williams, Mulligan is young in this industry and I don’t think she made her proof yet. In the other hand Nicole Kidman wants her Oscar, she wants it hard  ! But not as much as Anne Hattaway wanted it and made her the most hated winner of history.

Let see how Cannes played in their favour. LaineyGossip seems to think that it will be a battle between the two Baz Luhrmann Blond muse :

When Moulin Rouge went to Cannes, it was a mega spectacle, with Nicole as the focus. Gatsby may be an even bigger spectacle. Speaking of Nicole, as you know, she’s one of Baz Luhrmann’s favourites._ Lainey

Nic Kidman was part of the jury, this mean she was everywhere in every red carpet with as much glamourous dress she could wear. And you know she has to embodied Grace of Monaco. French people share a love/hate relation with Monaco Royal stories.

In Carey, Gatsby, Prada, Cannes,  Lainey compared the popularity between Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge and the now Lurhmann muse Carey Mullingan. Can we compare ? No. At this Time the visibility that Nicole was facing thanks to her recent divorce with Mr Hollywood Tom Cruise gave her the celebrity popularity she needed to win. Does Carey have the same power? I don’t think so. This time the real celebrity is LEO ! He is the big fish of the year.

Confused Zoe Saldana

In the meantime Zoe Saldana still face controversy for her Biopic role as singer Nina Simone. This could play in her defavor. But we got to see the film first right ?

She is on the Allure cover. And she still trying to convince her that she deserves the role. This puts her on a very bad position that she still have to convince the public she is NOT too light to play a darker skin personage (Nina Simone) before even convincing us about her acting performance.

Zoe Saldana: ‘If Elizabeth Taylor can be Cleopatra, I can be Nina Simone’_ Celebitchy

I wonder if she ever going to be able to speak about it. Because the White washing is such a sensible subject in Hollywood right now.

Still I cannot help but wonder : everything Everything in Zoe is not Nina. Look at the hair. Clearly the artistic editor made an aesthetic mistake and this is again a proof that this people in those industry (fashion, media, movie,) doesn’t have a clue about blackness. The hair was everything about what makes nina THE “Nina Simone”. So why putting Zoe’s Hair in the center of this shooting when this is exactly what’s different between her and the personage she is supposed to embody ? WHY?????


Other news this month

– Read about the Angelina Jolie double Masectomy here here and here

– The cover of Reese Witherspoon for Red in a car got a serious point here

– Miley Cyrus is seriously on her way up. Reshaping her image and broking from the Dysney image by having her new hair cut and being engage to a douche made her more powerful and credible than she ever have been. She strike two covers this month not bad !

– My favourite cover is the Time and THR with all the  actress from best tv show of the moment (my favourite of all favourite ; Kerry Washington!!)

Past covers battle HERE

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