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Endorsement Of The Week : Amanda Seyfried x Givenchy

Amanda Seyfried has been name new face of Givenchy.

She replaced former ‘It’ actress Liv Tyler and appears in the first  ’Very Irresistible’ advertising.

Amanda Seyfried for Givenchy

Amanda Seyfried for Givenchy

Source : Celebitchy

Amanda Seyfried is on her way up.

You can tell, when an actress/musician/singer /athlete gets upgraded and start to become an official “Face Of” a brand (usually a luxury or really fashionable brand) it’s a sign that the star is gaining exposure to the public and credibility among his profession .

Remember Amanda back in 2005 when she did Mean Girls ? She was a no name recognition at that time. Lindsay Lohan was the big star to watch. And now look at what happen, see how things can change so fast in Hollywood! One day you’re THE girl to watch and one or two lines of coke later you are nothing more than a crackhead who need to be rescued, inspiring only pity and disappointment (yeah Lilo I am talking to you! I am so disappointed! ).

Amanda Seyfried has presented and performed at the Oscars. Lindsay Lohan has never been asked to present or perform at the Oscars._ Lainey Gossip

“It’s Mean Girls all over again!” says Lainey back in 2009, when they announced that Lindsay was being replaced by Amanda for the role of Linda Lovelace.

Five years ago Mean Girls was all about Lindsay Lohan. It’s now 2009 and Lindsay Lohan is too busy looking for a bump while Amanda Seyfried’s career is totally taking off.Lilo was trying to get back in there but according to the publication has officially lost out to Amanda, now confirmed as the lead.

Amanda Seyfried felt that change was coming and figure out in some way to end up in very big productions. You know that when she was 19 she was Lilly Kane In Veronica Mars!? Recently she was starring on the very awarded Les Miserables, she is  nowworking with Julianne Moore with 3 more projects on the go and most important she now stole got the leading role of Linda Lovelace that was presented for Sundace 2013. Lilo was suppose to play this role instead of what she got The Canyons.

Lovelace.  Amanda Seyfried play legendary porn star turned anti-porn activist Linda Lovelace. (“Sundance 2013 Preview: 15 films to look out for” Lainey Gossip)

Here what she has to say about her Lovelace role on WWD :

Lovelace felt like a big shift in my life and career. That culture is fascinating. I loved the idea of portraying her internal stuff and examining what was going on behind the scenes, that no one saw. Knowing that we were only telling her story made it a lot easier for me — I had to respect her and be her voice. That was the challenge. At the end of the day, it wasn’t really a movie about porn. It was about abuse between a husband and wife. The porn part was easy to wrap my head around — it was more the violence and the emotionally disturbing dynamic that she and her husband had that was challenging.”_ WWD

Amanda is a substitute, but hey she got the role ! And a role about porn (“but not really”)  always ALWAYS sells like hell ! I can predict that the medis will tell it’s her first real deep performance as an actor.

Livtyler Amanda seyfried Givenchy

Lindsay Lohan1


Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy, MET Ball NYC 6th May

Amanda Seyfried in Givenchy, MET Ball NYC 6th May

Amanda Seyfried Givenchy Vanity Fair Oscar party

Amanda Seyfried Givenchy Vanity Fair Oscar party

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