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Fashion Magazine May 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

This month cover battle is all about movies promotion :

Iron Man 3 vs The Great Gasby

Here’s how I see the year in entertainment — as a cycle: the heat begins in May and ends in

February (next year in March) with the Oscars._ Lainey Gossip

This month battle take place between two big movies, Great Gasby and Iron Man 3 , and two big star, Leo Dicaprio on the cover of the Esquire and RDJ on GQ Uk. Can you see how the Oscar machine is working?  But before the Oscar there is CANNES and “This Cannes is a Baz Luhrmann Cannes . This Cannes is a very, very pretty Leo Cannes” says Lainey.

The Great Gasby

TGG is the IT movie of  this summer. Baz Luhrmann is directing and Luhrmann wants to win all the shit awards this time! It’s HIS TURN!

But the movie has big chance. It’s all about Hollywood symbols, star making phenomenon, lost man with dark side, and blond genuine girl (See Lainey  + Lainey Cannes). These are the kind of themes that make a movie winning and  Lurhmann knows it well. Great Gasby is following in a very logic way Romeo + Juliette and Moulin Rouge. This is always the story about a man love obsession with a blonde genuine girl, like Claire Danes, Nic Kidman and now Carey Mulligan! Yeah women were all blond-ish in the 40’s in Lurhmann mind, wtv! I still believe the movie will be good (but no chef-d’oeuvre).

Lurhmann is definitely chasing the Oscar this time by boosting the movie promo with the help of Leonardo Dicaprio huge celebrity  A++ power. Have you seen that recently he played that Underdog card ?. YES Team Leo knows that the underdog thing is always winning, the problem is that Leo is not really an Underdog. I mean come on, does he look like Susan Boyle? In the other hand he knows that the Academy hates him, they do ! And I can understand why, his self-consciousness is so annoying.

Iron Man 3

In the other hand you have a RDJ on GQ and the Gwyneth Paltrow on Bazaar  for Iron Man 3

Let start with Gwyneth. Goopy Paltrow has been EVERYWHERE lately! I’ve been reading religiously Lainey so far and it looks like she get more and more obsessed by her. Orff I just can’t. But I have to realize I think American people loves her so (too) much. She is so much the good women lookalike. She the good mother, good wife, the good cooker, the good friend, etc.etc. How can’t they love her.

Don’t you think this white outfit thing (watever it is) is screaming “VIRGIN MOTHER”

While Gwyneth is trying to publicize this movie and her book at the same time,  RDJ is also campaigning for an oscar really hard !

we LOVE Robert Downey Jr, don’t we? We LOVE him ! (LaineyGossip)

Apparently the GQ interview says that RDJ will win an Oscar ! That’s one of the best Oscar strategy is to affirm it so much that will make this happen at the end (and sign a very generous check to everyone of the Academy jury). Anyway I am sure the Academy could make anyone win just to see Leo loosing it again (and again) !

The interview is priceless !! >>

GQ: But I still believe that you think you’re almost always the most talented person there.

RDJ: Yeah, but you know what? I’m afraid that’s just a tape that’s running in my head, and I’m really happy that it’s there, but it doesn’t make it real.

GQ: And so if you stop that tape running for a second, how talented are you?

RDJ: I’m probably one of the best.

GQ: How much would you like to win an Oscar?

RDJ: I couldn’t care less.

GQ: Really?

RDJ: Well, I know it’s going to happen.

GQ: Is that the persona or the person speaking?

RDJ: That’s just a fact.

GQ: You’re certain?

RDJ: I, personally, would be shocked if we went to the end of the tape now and I didn’t have at least one.

GQ: Why?

RDJ: Because it just doesn’t make sense. That’s why I don’t mind showing up and watching everybody else get them.

AHAHHAHAHA !!!! I can’t wait to see more of battle between those two diva Actors !!!

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