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Fashion Magazine April 2013 Issue : Cover Battle

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Here we are back for our monthly Fashion Magazine Covers April issue recap !

The big winner – Vogue US

I have to say that once again my first choice is with Vogue  US putting FLOTUS Obama on top.

The Boring –

– This month is pretty boring actually. After the Oscar we see a little celebrity fatigue, even if W mag  puts  Brit Marling (Who the F*ck is she? The new Harvey Weinstein protégé?) and Eddie Redmayne as “Hollywood’s freshest faces”.

– Taylor Swift on the Vanity Fair cover : “It’s Taylor Swift at her Taylor Swiftiest!” (Dlisted). You know that she worst magazine cover sellers in the past 5 years ? (Fashionista) So why keep putting her on top? I am sick of sweet Taylor Swift we are ALL sick of sweet Taylor Swift. Please give us more badass Lindsay Lohan. And Taylor also did the InStyle cover WTF?!

Taylor Swift is a country mannequin robot who can’t function unless a barely legal white boy is holding her hand, she tells InStyle UK (via DM) that at the age of 23, she is terrified of dying alone. _DLISTED

 – Katie Holmes post Tom Cruise divorce on Allure. Again Boring (Lainey Gossip).

Olivia Wilde wearing blue and announcing she’s engaged on Marie Claire. Still boring

Diane Kruger “Pretty in Pink” for Flare. Why is she on a cover ? There’s no news about her expect that she still with Perçy. Apparently this is enought to put you on  a Canadian Magazine.

The “it does the job” covers –

The Nicky Minaj’ Elle magazine cover is raw, she gain all the credits.

Gwyneth Paltrow covers the new issue of SELF to promote her new cookbook It’s All Good. Gwyneth gives us the dramatic story to sell her book but it still works because it’s Gwyneth and she always tell a good story.

The Hollywood Reporter special 25 Stylist with their actor/ actress  is really interesting. Because you know that’s Hollywood beauty is far from being natural. You know who really rules the red carpet power. I choose to put the cover with Julianne Moore because she’s for the definition of glamour and pure beauty.

 The It covers

– Are we looking for a Tina Turner big come back ??? Tina Turner becomes the oldest lady ever to score a Vogue cover: awesome?

Tina is 73 years old, and with this cover, she has become the oldest woman to ever grace the cover of Vogue, beating out Meryl Streep’s January 2012 cover when Meryl was 62. Celebitchy

That’s very well done for Vogue Deutsch

– Selena Gomez for Haper Bazaar. It’s her month . You know because she made Justin Bieber cry a river. Because she’s on a big production with Spring Breaker. That’s what dating The Bieber for two years gives you : millions of covers, movies, celebrity credibility, and a name recognition. Did you know who the hell she was two months ago? Absolutely not!

The real fashion cover –

– Putting Rihanna or Alexa Chung on Elle Uk and Elle France are the perfect right choice. Riri still making headlines even if you strongly disagree with her actions and her chaotic on and off relationship with “very bad boy Browny”.

– SJP for Elit, pure fashion.

– Kate Winsley for Harper Bazaar russian. Pure Fashion (2)

Lana Del Rey for L’Officiel. Pure Fashion (3)

The Controversial cover –

Michelle WIlliams with redface covers Another magazine. Huge critic over this cover

The Men Covers –

– Even if Wmag cover is boring they at least choose the sweetest cutest nicest new Hollywood prodige Eddie Redmayne to cover. He was absolutely gorgeous during all the Oscars season. He as the charm of Hugh Grant and the sexiness of Jude Law. He is our new british crush !

Brad Cooper on GQ. Well it still Brad Cooper. He had his Oscar moment. He’s looking now for the perfect scenario and perfect girlfriend to hang out with while papas are around.

Alexander Skarsgard. Just because it’s Askar ! My Irish crush. Speaking of  Irish crush you have to read this Blind Items if you haven’t already.

That’s all for this month recap! Keep in touch!

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