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And the Oscars for best endorsements goes to : Dior Haute Couture

5 Oscars Girl, 1 strategy : The Hollywood Success

Charlize Theron - Jennifer Lawrence - Nathalie Portman and husband Millepied

There’s something extra, extra chic about the monochrome. To go all stark like this though is, and hear it in Andre Leon Talley’s voice, totally fashion courage. Lainey Gossip

  • Jennifer Lawrence. Newly Best Actress winner for Silver Linings Playbook.

jlawrence-miss dior_v_22feb13_b_1080x720

And the “Gracefull Fall”

Jennifer Lawrence Dior

  • Nathalie Portman : Best actress 2010 for Black Swan

– She is now the face of Dior for Cosmetic line and Miss Dior.

Nathalie Portman Miss Dior China

The new campaign – directed by Sofia Coppola and shot by Tim Walker

Nathalie Portman Miss Dior 2013

  • Marion Cotillard Best Actress for “La vie en Rose” in  Lady Dior by Dior.


Marion Cotillard at the Baftas 11 Feb 2013

Marion Cotillard at the Baftas 11 Feb 2013

  • Charlize Theron – Best Actress in 2009 for Monster

She’s the face of perfume J’adore Dior since her big win.

charlize theron

  • Mila Kunis “The exception” – face of Dior’s handbag line

She had no nomination for supporting role at the Oscars but had a long awards season during Black Swan success in 2011. In October 2012,  the poor girl actually has been fired back ,supposedly because she gained 10 pounds and apparently was too fat for the Haute Couture luxury brand.


Dior always taps on most Bankable Awarded Stars in  Hollywood under the spot light . We perfectly see it in Charlize and Mila’s campaign storyline. The story line focus on the ‘high media visibility’ effect ; being “under the spotlight”. It’s funny because I realize that those four actresses have something in common : they are actually not the “under the spotlight” kind of actress. We barely hear or see those girls in gossip paper or blogs outside of award season. Charlize and Nathalie in particularly, they hate paps and always try to hide from them (or insulting them!). Probably because of their tumultuous private life .

But they all show great potential in the Hollywood industry, they’re pretty much in their way up. Marion Cotillard just had a very great year with ‘rust and bones’, Mila Kunis is on the 2013 big production The Oz, Jlaw is under the spotlight right now and Portman should come back anytime very soon.

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