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Best Oscars FILF

Inspired by Lainey’s avalanche of Best/Worst Oscar : Here is mine : Best FILF (Father I’d Like to Fuck) at the Oscars. I have one word : BEARD for everyone.Filf montage

From left to right : Justing Theroux (beard); Ben Affleck (Beard); Hugh Jackman (Beard); Jhon Ham (the exception of the rule); Jean Dujardin (Beard); Bradley Cooper (Beard); George Oh-So-FILF- Clooney (salt and pepper beard); Robert Downey Junior (little beard and mustach).

Here are my favourites:

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? FILF11&12

Jack Nicholson is the bad guy of Hollywood but still has the keys. Some call Nicholson the unofficial mascot of the Oscars, he’s a provocator and an Icon. He is my mother secret fantasm so I must love him for that . You know that he got his reputation from Polanski little scandal

“Remember, Jack was George and Leo and more when it was safer to be wild. Roman Polanski did what he did at Jack Nicholson’s house. Many people say that Roman Polanski was just doing what they were all doing — the only difference being that he got caught” And Lainey Gossip adds :Suddenly they get old and look old. It’s not the he wouldn’t. He just can’t anymore.


goerge clooney vs ben affleck He has let it be about Ben Affleck.

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