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Be Ready For The Oscars

I Know what you are gonna says. “What The Oscars ?! So annoying. I am so not watching this BS show, I don’t give a damn s*** about The Oscars”. But I know, you know, everyone knows you are lying !!

WHy? Because you cannot resist watching all of those celebrities walking down the aisle the red carpet, wearing Best/worst couture dresses and promoting best designers, the same that were at the NY fashion show last week, and promoting movies you will run to watch in theaters because they won best [incert Award of your choice] at the Oscars.

You cannot escape it. This is the power of TV. This the power of entertainment. This is Celebrity power

.Oscars via Fubiz

Photo : Fubiz

But if this is true for spectator, this is way more true for the All Hollywood. From C to A+ list actors, producers, screenwriters, movie director, PR people, agent, managers, singer, celebrities with no actual work, celebrities who have too much work (and money), everyone !

LA is where some work will be done — at the parties, on the carpets — for those who are nominated for Oscars and those not nominated for Oscars. This is where you hint at something over a cocktail, express interest in a part by the pool, anything that sets you up for the Next. So that maybe you can be included in 2014 or 2015 when the envelopes are opened._Lainey Gossip

Now what ? Since Wednesday and before the big O-day, every Hollywood studios put people together during pre-parties. This is where you need to be if you can manage it.   Here’s my selection of best Oscars weekend Pre-Parties. You will see that there is a hierarchical order from most select Vanity Fair on top to .

  • Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood Pre-Oscars Celebration (A+)

Jenifer Lawrence & bradley Cooper – Eddie & Anne Hattaway

Cast of Les Mis at Vanity Fair Pre party

Adrien Brody “The Great,The hot, The perfect”

  • Wraps Pre Oscar Party (Normally a B but they got Chastain and Freeman so it’s a A)

Morgan Freeman

Jessica Chastain

  • Tom Ford party

Henry Cavill “Superman” with GF Gina Catano

Adrien Brody (my obsession!) with Gf

Tom Ford at his own party

You too wouldn’t repaint your face if you were busy dry bumping your crotch into Adrien Brody’s popped out butt.“_Dlisted

  • Global Green USA’s Pre-Oscar Party (B-) – When Orlando Bloom is the most known# face in a party it can’t be right.

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom

Actress Emmy Rossum

Actor Luke Perry

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