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Grammy’s Advertising Review

You’ve seen it yesterday. The best of Celebrities endorsement in commercials. Here’s my selection:

  • Justin Timberlake x Bud Light

Justin Timberlake was appointed as Bud Light Platinum’s Creative Director. “viewers were treated to a minute-long black-and-white ad for the new-ish brew, featuring Timberlake’s recently debuted comeback single, “Suit and Tie,” ( What is it about Black & White ? JT made a 6:20 minutes long perfomance yesterday at the Grammys all in Black & White that was very much acclaimed by Mrs Timberlake and the Bay/ Jay-z couple.

He’s the celebrated Pips. If they want him, these are his conditions. He gets to be up there as long as he wants. Lainey Gossip

Yes, the JT brand is now bigger and won’t stop growing even more. While building a solid couple image, and reassuring his presence in the music industry with his big come back he shows us that he is still an entertainer (Super Bowl, Grammys,..). However, he will have to work on his actor skills to be a complete powerful star.

Click here to see his Grammy Perfo.

  • Beckham x H&M has been promoted like a zillion times during the event.

Yesterday was the invasion of Beckham sexy ass in a H&M boxer on your TV screen. I wrote about it Here. But hey… I am already annoyed by it, and this SONG is so annoying! Clearly H&M choose to deploy a very aggressive strategy with this commercial. No shit! They probably invested sooooo much money on it ( I wonder which paycheck had the most zeros : Beckham or Guy Ritchie ? You guess I guess.). Anyway you know what they say: ” Too much is never enough!”. Amen.

  • Penelope Cruz x Nesspresso with Lana Del Rey song

I love this ad for three reason : #1 it’s not George Clooney, #2 I love Penelopé Spanish accent, #3 It’s a LDR song (proving again that LDR is not indie anymore). Otherwise, it’s funny because none of them was there yesterday, especially LDR. She had such a year in 2012 everyone was talking about her and now zero, nada, no more. Things are changing so fast !

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