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Best H&M Celebrities and Designers Collaborations Over the Years

Since 2004, the collaborations strategy has put H&M’s cheap and mainstream clothes brand in a all new dimension. Now shoppers seek out the limited edition celebrity endorsed or designed items. It’s called : Masstige !

 The H&M formula is very simple. It’s a two-way commercial exchange, celebrity and designer get way more visibility and it’s a perfect occasion to extent their brand to a all new area or to reach new customers. And for H&M it’s a way to grow a very powerfull image and position themselves in every field that mass fashion

H&M’s celebrity parternship goal:

  • H&M and sports

2012, David Beckham is the latest in the long line of celebrities and designers that H&M have partnered with in a strategy you either love or hate. David Beckham’s person brand is among the most marketable of any contemporary athlete.The Becks is now a fashion athlete and this partnership gives him legitimacy in fashion field that he needed to extend his brand. The timing of this H&M deal was just perfect :

‘it marks an important step in the evolution of David’s journey from sporting hero to entrepreneur and icon.’

David Beckham Bodywear at H&M

  • H&M and Music

H&M is Pop with the ultimate pop Icon Madonna. & Kylie Minogue

Madonna x H&M 2006

M by Madonna 2006

Kylie Minogue x H&M, 2007

H&M is Indie and Retro. With Lana Del Rey’s signature retro style H&M add a very vintage feeling to his image. In the other way it was the very first brand ambassador contract for the newly famous singer. Proving a good start in her career.


Lana Del Rey x H&M Autumn 2012

Lana Del Rey x H&M Autumn 2012 commercial

H&M goes Rock : With the daughter of Rolling Stones leader and model Jerry Hall, Goergia May Jagger is a perfect fit for the “Rock’N’Roll Mansion” Spring-Summer 2013 collection.

jerry-hall May jaegger HM

Jerry Hall and Goergia May Jagger x H&M in 2011

Georgia May Jagger x H&M for “Rock’N’Roll Mansion” 2013 collection

H&M is Green Glamour and Bohemian with miss Paradis . She’s the latest celebrity to join the Swedish brand.

Vanessa Paradis x H&M for H&M conscious collection

H&M & Designer partnership :


“_Karl is it true? _Of course it’s true._ But it’s cheap !” Karl Lagerfeld in 2004 was the very first designer to collaborate with H&M.

2005 -2006

Viktor & Rolf Ads H&M

Stella McCartney: With a very colorfull mini clip inspired by pop artist David Lachapelle.

2007 – Cavalli


2008_ Comme des Garçons

2009_ Jimmy Choo


 2010 Sonia Rikyel & Lanvin

 Lanvin H&M Ads

lanvin x H&M


2011 Versace

versace-for-hm-042012_ Marni et MMM



Special cause : Fashion AIDS


What can we expect for the future ?

H&M with Beyonce ? Everyone is talking about this rumour since she tweeted something about being shooting for the brand and erased it minutes later. Teasing or bad buzz?

H&M should go with TV star. Since Sex and the City we see a rise of very fashionable tv show such as Gossip Girl crew, New Girl, Glee, etc.

H&M should collaborate with high couture brand : Givenchy ? Gucci ? Mc Queen?!?!!! (omg could you believe!?!)…..Chanel !!!???! (Okay I am dreaming).

I would bet on Victoria Beckham since her hubby is already in a contract and she’s a newly successful designer.

H&M with fashion bloggers ? H&M with movie stars?  H&M exposition in a museum ?

The possibilities are endless and they sure need to exploit new opportunities.

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