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Fashion Magazine February Issue : Cover Battle (decoded)

Update ! Beyonce on GQ Cover

It’s the last minute cover that just went out today! Bey on the cover of GQ by Terry Richardson. It is for sure a very sexy cover a bit Rihanna Look-a-like (Remember Rihanna’s December cover half naked ?). It’s perfectly in time for Beyonce that will be performing at the 2013 Super Bowl which airs on Feb. 3. ( look at the super mini T-shirt she’s wearing, is it a footballer shirt?).

Beyonce On GQ Cover February 2013

Jessica Chastain on the InStyle February Issue

The new Chastain is learning how to play the game. Jessica Chastain is predicted for an Oscar nomination for Best Actress ( Zero Dark Thirty ) so she has to upgrade her image a bit and became a real Hollywood star, not just an actress. She also needs to enhance her fashion potential and sell more than just acting skills:

It’s sad that the Hollywood system doesn’t let young actresses JUST be actresses at this point, they also have to have some personal stuff to sell, some drama, some fashion sense, and they have to “give good magazine”_ 

InStyle isn’t super-high-fashion, but it’s still an interesting choice for Jessica. Check out her InStyle Interview : “Fame and money have not been my goals.” and she refused to reveal the name of her supposedly famous boyfriend.

See ! She sure knows how to play the game and is now telling a tremendous story.

Plus I had the January Vogue German cover she did with Omar Sy because I couldn’t resist. They look beautiful !

jessica-chastain-covers-instyle-uk-february-2013Jessica Chastain Omar Sy on Vogue German January 2013

Jennifer Lawrence is Vanity Fair’s February cover girl

Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt the star to watch this year. She’s about to receive her second Oscar nomination (Best Actress) at just 22 and building a strong resume with proper franchise Hunger Games . The magazine called her “the rare celebrity who sounds more like a human being than a well-coached product”. Jennifer Lawrence’s overall message is that she is NORMAL! Plus, she was named the World’s Most Desirable Woman. But remember she’s NORMAL! As Lainey ask : do you buy it or do you leave it?

Cover Jennifer Lawrence by Ellen von Unwerth for Vanity Fair US February 2013

Scarlett Johansson is almost perfect on Elle Uk.

But you have to see the complet shoot to appreciate it completely. She looks simple wearing a Victoria Beckham white dress.

Scarlett Johansson on Elle UK February 2013

Scarlett Johansson on Elle UK February 2013

Anne Hattaway Harper Bazaar cover

The shooting has been inspired by old Hollywood and old cinema.Everyone assume that she will be nominate for Best supporting Actress in that crap Les Miserables.

Anne Hattaway is a “new born” diva complaining about her scandalous “no panties snap shot”, over promoting her act in Les Misérables, and running desperately after an Oscar. Apparently, she’s pulling every explanation as possible to make us “feel” for her if she doesn’t win. Which only makes us hope that she actually won’t win because Diva Hattaway pissing us all.

Anne Hathaway on the February Harper Bazaar issue

Lana Del Rey is absolutely perfect on the french fashion magazine ‘Obsession’.

LDR Youtube Diva change her hair for a more mystical brunette_ For full coverage go to

 Lana Del Rey by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Obsession

Lana Del Rey on the Obsession February Cover

Kristen Stewart in V Magazine: “I’m a contemporary, sensitive, normal girl”

Blaaaaablablablabla the V mag title their shoot : “The Cult Of Kristen”. Oh come on ! It’s not the cult of Kristen we are all exposed to it’s the cult of scandal. Could Kristen Stewart look more bored in this cover ? I pass..

Kristen Stewart on the February 2013 cover of V magazine

Kristen Stewart on the February 2013 cover of V magazine

Zoey Deschanels is the ‘New Girl’ in Glamour.

In her Interview for Glamour Zoey Deschanels freshly divorcée, is claiming that she is a Feminist !

“I’m just being myself. There is not an ounce of me that believes any of that crap that they say. We can’t be feminine and be feminists and be successful? I want to be a f–king feminist and wear a f–king Peter Pan collar. So f–king what?”


Emma Stone on Glamour – The X Factor jury on THR

emma-stone-covers-glamour-uk-february-2013 nicki-minaj-mariah-carey-cover-the-hollywood-reporter

Jennifer Lopez for Harper Bazaar

You can never go wrong with a Jennifer Lopez magazine spread and as Michael K says:

Jenny is still from the block, but the block she’s from now is in Bel Air and her entire $500 million 400-room mansion sits on it. _ Dlisted

I haven’t had the chance to read the interview but some of my best bloggers put parts of it and it’s priceless. So JLo goes on Harper’s Bazaar. Apparently JLO likes to keep her life “SIMPLE AND BEAUTIFUL”  by dressing herself. WTF is that about simplicity these days ? Celebrity like to pretend they’re normal simple authentic when they’re from it! Come on !

Bitch thinks she’s Marie Antoifuckingnette._Dlisted


WOW  Janelle Monae does a perfect cover this month on Elle Canada

No words exept that she’s stunning. I expect to see more of Janelle Monae during the next month (ie: The Grammy award for exemple)

Janelle Monae Elle Canada

Emma Watson for Marie Claire Uk

I recently read a blind items that will probably make you laugh out loud :

emma marie claire UK February

The End for now. So who do you think win the cover battle of February?

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