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Fashion Magazine January Issue : Cover Battle


Marion Cotillard for Elle Quebec.

With 3 covers last month (The Hollywood Reporter; W magazine and Harper Bazaar) Marion dominates the celebrity cover battle. With her authentic and bright personality  and her french attitude (see how she was relax and self confident during the ‘actress round table’ by THR unlike her Oscar opponent and Diva-ish Anne Hattaway). I predict that Marion will definitely glow this year at the Oscar/Golden Globes no matter she wins an award or not.


Gwen Stefani is definetly back on top with two covers, Marie Claire UK & Vogue.

Look at how she looks rocky & shinny. Gwen Stefani never lost her true essence that mix a perfect sense of fashion styling and rock attitude while (trying) to renew herself with her silent but reasonable come back.


Paz de La Huerta for Playboy.

The sexy nude cover of the month. Because we all need one good nude cover and Playboy knows that sexy and nude sells very well during Xmas times ( wondering why). Who better than PAZ could be that nude on a cover ? No one. I love Paz, her facility to expose her nudity her body like it’s a comon “outfit” fascinates me . You don’t have to ask her, she already knows that she doesn’t have to try harder but just showing her body. But she’s showing nudity, not vulgarity. This cover shot by Mario Sorrenti, very well known fashion photographer and respected in the field, is a proof that Playboy don’t do trash neither vulgarity anymore, but “ART nudity” huge difference here people! I bet she will sell way more copies than LaLohan did last year. Of course she will !


The wife of the year : Jessica Biel(Timberlake) for ELLE US


Drew Barrymore for Allure.

Drew little Drew still growing and she has now a big comestic line to promote, what better than a cover for Allure with the words “HAIR & MAKEUP” so that the reader can associate rapidly those word with her face.


Blake Lively’s Martha Stewart Wedding cover: A Real Weddings

And there it is Lainey‘s deception. I don’t really like or care about Blake and her big secret wedding (need a proof of my desinvolture ? See here ). But I couldn’t stop reading Lainey Gossip obsession with this upcoming cover of MSW mag. First of all I don’t understand why waiting so long to sell publish your wedding pictures. B&R wed was in early autumn. Second of all, makes us wait is ok if at least you show something that was worth the wait. But in this case they were no surprise at all !

There are no faces — not on the cover, not inside, nowhere. The only shot we get of Blake is of her hand holding Ryan Reynold’s and a corner of her dress

Very, very tasteful. Very Martha Stewart. Very much in line with the tone of the magazine


But Lainey is here to enlighten us and explain the real strategy behind this : It’s not a Us weekly cover means it’s not a fake wedding for publicity purpose but a real one celebrating love and commitment (and food obviously). So you will not see any celebrity pictures but real tasty food a-la-Goop style. So waspy! Martha precise that Blake is no like other celebrity fame whore: “We quickly discovered that

Ryan and Blake are not like the many altar-bound celebrities who sell their big-day photos to the highest bidder!” Like Martha didn’t pay a cent for it yeah right. But Lainey tells the truth: “ Blake is a strategic manipulator of the media and a participant in the fame game.” (Laineygossip), “She’s acting like she (Blake) would never be so gauche and famewhore-y as to sell her wedding pics to a weekly tabloid.”(Celebitchy).

Click here if you want to see cupcakes pics you foodies people! (@irène Im sure you will!)


Bill Murray for GQ


Lea Michelle is stunning in the January cover of Marie Claire

Lea Michele covers the January 2013 issue of Marie Claire Magazine photographed by Andreas Sjödin and styled by Laura Ferrara in Emporio Armani. Hair: Ward Stegerhoek. Makeup: Fulvia Farolfi (via )


Miss Elle Fanning gets the artsy editorial treatment from BULLETT magazine. (via )

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