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Lana Del Rey build a successful brand in 5 ways

Why is she getting so much attention ? Will she keep growing?

1. Brands made her a fashion ambassador

She became the face of Mulberry, Chopard, H&M, Jaguar…. and was global face of H&M’s fall 2012 advertising and sang “blue velvet” as a homage to David Lynch’s movie.



2. She made tons of magazine covers:

VOGUE (UK, Australia, China), GQ , Interview, TATLER, COMPLEX, SPIN, Billboard, T, NME, Q, INTRO, SANAT, Glamour, S Moda, WONDERLAND, ZOO etc



3. She has been name Woman Of The Year 2012 by GQ.



4. She has been named the Most Popular Woman On The Web of 2012 according to Google.


5. In 2012, Lana Del Rey comes in at No.1 with 722 million searches.

And more to go ! Lana del Ray is everywhere, and she’s not going away anytime soon, she even said she wanted to stop singing and do screenwriting. So INDIE !


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