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Justin Bieber Girlfriend’s Fragrance (Analysis)


Damnnnnnnnnnn !! I have to admit the Bieber marketing team is bright. Look at this commercial it’s sweet & simple, the core message is clear, seriously can’t you be his girlfriend more than this? Every tween between 7 to lets say …22 girls AND boys will see themselves touching Bieber’s neck in this commercial . No wonder that this fragrance is going to sell like HELL !

About two months ago I’ve read this really interesting New-Yoker paper called TEEN TITAN about Bieber and his manager Scooter Braun empire (Considering an article “really interesting” when its main subject is Bieber is legitimate only because the magazine is New Yorker right!?).

Anyway, this paper describes very well what is the Bieber Fever and the ingredients of a success-Youtube-story.

Bieber came to fame as a musical prodigy—his first “hits” were unadorned YouTube clips of him singing and playing instruments—but, these days, his power as a global brand overshadows his reputation as an artist.

“I don’t think Adele is selling perfume.”

The power of Bieber or siblings such as Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrius, british boys-band The Wanted or One Direction, is that they have become the central figure in the current teen-pop explosion.. They talk to teen age girl about teen age stuff and they represent the teenage American Dream. And they talk about it everywhere from TV-show to Youtube chanels, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook e-very-where ! You cannot escape from it .

Teens & Tweens are vulnerable consumers, a recent study commissioned by Marketing Week suggests that celebrities influence 80% of children to believe a product is “cool,” [1].Once adolescents view an advertisement that features a celebrity they idolize, they are also more likely to pursue the product in order to become more like the celebrity [2].

That’s how they’re powerful

[1] (Costa, 2010)

[2] (Chia & Poo, 2009)


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