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This is our future…

The Beckham’s oldest 10 years old son Romeo, for Burberry by Mario Testinoimage

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Danielynne 6 years old for Guessimage


Kate Moss half sister : 13 years old Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Moss making her debute in modeling.image

Cindy Crawford’s 10 years old daughter Kaia Gerber who became the new face of Young Versace.


Etc, etc. Yes this is our future… those little tots has been born in the right familly and inherited the right name and genes. Yes they’re cute I cannot denied it but in the other hand I can’t help but hating this, not them, but the image of it. This reflect the complex hierarchy of our society that we still leave in or we can call modern monarchy. This is the Golden generation and they’ve been given the keys of paradise.

This reflects the class anxiety. The Beckham are the perfect image of what is New money class anxiety.

And click here to read a good article by Lainey on the perfect relationship between the Becks and Burberry that ends up putting their son in theirs ads.

Romeo Beckham for Burberry…

A proper ad. A big ass deal ad for the Spring 2013 campaign. He’s 10. And he was shot by Mario Testino. He is his mother’s son.

So Brooklyn will be the athlete, Romeo the model/actor/sometime musician, Cruz the free spirit, and H7 the princess, perhaps one day a possible candidate to marry a Cambridge?

The Beckhams are giving us our gossip future.

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