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The Twilight Saga Fine Jewelry Collection

Since the end of November it looks like every advertising is about ‘Love’ ‘Family’ ‘Friendship’ and ‘Hapiness’. But here it’s the quintessance of the deep-true-love-bulshit-soulmate with the Bed Bath & Beyond The Twilight Saga Fine Jewelry Collection.” campaign.

And again this is Dlisted that describes this BS jewerly campaign better.

The Twatlight diamond ring is the perfect ring for a Twihard who can’t get a man and isn’t ashamed of it.

Clearly ! Lets be serious here who wants to buy anything from this ads. Bed Bath & Beyond Marketing team didn’t even bother using Photoshop and build a new concept around love and engagement ring. NO ! They just used the Twillight movie poster, used paint, make it in black & white and add a mediocre tittle saying that they Honoring the Twillight love story.

Whaaaaat!?! What is it to be honoured here ? A teenage ‘trampire’ and fictive love story?! COME ON!!!! I can’t wait to see the commercial for this and here is Dlisted anti-fan fiction version of it:

Just imagine a woman lying in a sugar coma with Reese’s Pieces’ wrappers covering most of her body. Just as she opens her eyes, her cat, Edward Purren, jumps on a pillow next to her and touches her face with his paw before running off to the front door. The woman follows him, thinking that maybe he put another dead bird on her welcome mat. The woman is really excited, because she only needs one more dead bird to complete the “dead bird gift garland” that she plans to hang over her bed. She steps out the front door and lying on the welcome mat is a dead bird and lying on the dead bird is a Twilight engagement ring from Bed Bath & Beyond! She didn’t think this day would ever come! Oh, Edward Purren! Cut to Edward Purren making a face that says: ”Why are you acting so surprised? You’re the one who staged all of this.” 


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