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Charlotte Gainsbourg new face of Tommy Hilfiger. Campaing shot by Drew Barrymore.

Charlotte Gainsbourg for Tommy Tommy Hilfiger


Gainsbourg and Drew Barrymore, two fashionistas with high recongition  join their force to promote the brand’s new limited-edition handbag, launched to raise money for charity Breast Health International

Source : WWD & Vogue Uk

Yeah Drew Barrymore is a photograph now. You know all those celebs need a way to reinvent themselves constantly and Drew tried for a long time to find her way as a film director which hasn’t been such a big success.

But from the brand side, engaging two celebrity actresses instead of just one is a good deal ! And Charlotte & Drew are real good fit for the brand. Tommy Hilfiger gives us here the perfect picture of two moms having an insightful discussion on breast cancer issues.  Great story I would say.

Yeah well…We all know it’s the perfect pretext to promote C. Gainsbourg new songs and Tommy bags in this video but we still buy it.

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