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Gwyneth Paltrow x Max Factor

I wrote about Gwyneth endorsements many times ( here ) and we now know that her brand identity is very well establish.

How? Because Gwyneth is everything. She’s a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect dad’s girl, perfect actress, perfect celebrity, perfect celebs friend, and a perfect women.

Yes Gwyneth Paltrow is our 2012 superwoman. And she’s a blogger and bloggers are the journalist of the futur.

G’s current multi-hyphenate branding – mom, actress, lifestyle guru, travel expert, foodie, whatever. Someone in a brainstorm meeting somewhere must have come up with the number 7. So everyone scrambled to find 7 identities because when they actually got down to work on it, they realised the most they could think of was 3. LaineyGossip

And that what they did. She’s endorsing her first ads for Max Factor “The make-up for make-up artist” company that were released this week. The campaign features “7 looks”, the first of which is “the writer”.

She describes it : “The writer persona is me going into town for a lunch or into London for a meeting or going to a friend’s house for dinner. Or me when I’m most myself, doing something creative, having a look that says, confidence, creativity but still very much who I am.”

Oh, is that what writers do?

You mean they don’t live in stinky sweats, procrastinate by popping zits, and eat tuna right out of the can because there’s no food in the house?

Ahaha no Lainey she’s no poor writer she’s the rich & classy writer style.But remember again “Confidence”; “Hapiness” ; “creativity” are key characteristic of the very English classy Gwyneth-brand

Here’s GOOPy Gwyneth promoting Boss de Nuit for Hugo Boss in Spain

Source : LaineyGossip

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