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Endorsement alert : Dior is putting $12 million in Robert Pattinson’s.

Kristen Stewart is the face of Balenciaga Florabotanica. Now the other half of ROBSTENISUNBROKEN Robert Pattinson has signed on to represent Dior fragrances. Laineygossip

No fucking way !!!! After Brad Pitt for Chanel n°5 now Dior Homme get themselves a fuckingfakevampire and put 12 M for 3 years on him?!? Damn it damn it!! This shitty scandal really played in their favour.

Some source tells them that RPattz “likes the brand.” More like RPattz likes the MONAAAAAAAAAAY. We should all be grateful that we’re living in a time when two people (read: KStew and RPattz) who probably smell like butt gravy and tonsil stones are getting millions of dollars to sell perfume. (Dlisted)


According to E! it’s a 3 year deal worth $12 million, an interesting marketing strategy and one that clearly targets the female consumer for a men’s product. “Like… transferred aspiration” (LaineyGossip). Yes it’s a ” look at your man now back to RobPattz, now back at your men now back to ROBBBBB” markting strategy I guess. Unless that in this case girls are 12 and they have imaginative boyfriend to buy gift to.Yeah… thats our futur!

Pattinson, with the new Dior partnership, is now officially a brand, just like his girlfriend. Says Lainey and I can’t disagree with that. Hollywood always get the last word.

Sources: Dlisted (of course), E! News and LaineyGossip.

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