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Annnnnnnnd there’s a part #2 !


Yes there is a second part to this Chanel x Brad Pitt messy collaboration.

Basically they used the same Brad Pitt standing in front of the same grey background telling the same artist wannabe speech shit BUT they add some “visual special effects”. And by “special effects” I mean : a woman walking on rivers like she is the messiah or weird image of a woman smiling or dead (I’m not sure) in a bottle of what it seams to be a bottle of Chanel 5 fragrance. WEIRD ! WEIRD!

As Michael K’s from Dlisted wrote, “Brad Pitt, and that mess of a commercial made my eyes bleed cheese”. He then add, ” I’ve never EVER wanted to buy a bottle of Chanel No. 5, but I might now, because it’s obvious who ever was in charge of making this wreck freebased that stankness for inspiration and I want to be that buzzed!”. I can’t agree more.

Why did they not stick themselves to good old prints campaign? This one would’ve done the job very well!

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