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The Kristen Stewart / Rob Patz scandal: An Erotic Tabloib Tale

It’s Sunday! And It’s the story of Sunday!

As we all know, US has owned everyone else’s ass on this story, including PEOPLE, after breaking the scandal on August. US Weekly right now is way ahead of the competition.

Plots line post-scandal:

  • End of August : Star Magazine revealed ( via Celebitchy) that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart weren’t really “back together” and that they were just doing this reunion thing because the studio wants them to. Muahuahuahuaaa this is for shizzles my nizzle !
  • Early September. KStew was in Paris for her new endorsement Balenciaganashit and it have been rumoured that they [her and Rob Patz] live back together again. Harvey Levin from went on : “Nobody happens to go to a restaurant called “La fidélité” unless their staging this all thing”. Harvey levin (TMZ Live). “The all aftermath is just BS! The relationship and them going back together. Total set up !

I soo do not believe this entire scandal. It is all been set up to simply generate publicity!

  • Mid October : Every gossip blogs announced the infamous vampire couple were back together… for real this time! _”There’s a new Twilight movie to start promoting and a WOW-what-crazy-perfect-timing-one-month-before-the-premier-WOW reconciliation with RPattz Means this all has been set up before ?!?! No shit!Dlisted by Sweetas

Soooo as you may now know since you are following me religiously ( which according to my google analytics stats you are…not!) I totally deeply blindly trust what Michael K (Dlisted) says. Yes I believe that Michael K always says the Hollywood-truth….but once in a while when the case is complex enough and long lasting like the KStew/ Rob Patz scandal we need a second point of view from third parties like Harvey Levin from TMZ!

Here’s what he has to say:

  • HL TMZ live_”They where seen together exactly one month to the day before the new Twillight movie comes out. And it raised three questions: A. Is it a legitimate breakup that ended up in reconciliation. B. Is this something where they never broke up and they just acted like they broke up by having a movie then come to kind of fuel all the interested. OR C. Are they really not together but they’re acting like they’re together so that can do the red carpet stuff without being awkward “.

…And D. all the answers. It’s a total Publicity stunt!

Extra textual Twillight Porn:

Even if Kristen is the Vilain of the story and Robz the innocent, It’s clear that this is all stage in favour of Edward and Bella. It Always has been about Bella and Edward. According to the Doctor of Celebrity culture Anne Helen Petersen : “We like (most) of these romances because their existence in real life somehow authenticates the fictional romance.  See, Edward and Bella do love each other!”. Except that Ed & Bella started to be annoying even irritating. They needed to spice this up a little. That’s why I believe the option C pulled out by Harvey Levin is the right answer. They’re acting the all thing. The line between reality and fiction is now too thin.

Petersen added: ” When the couple has nothing to do with making us feel better about our relationships with fictional characters, then it’s all about how we feel about two images and their fit. gain, it’s not about a relationship between two people, but a relationship between two images — and the way we feel about the resultant image, the “relationship” image as it were.” .

Read also Why Kristen Stewart Matters. : “Ultimately, the Stewart star image emerges as a hybrid between the inaccessible — the hipster Stewart — and the wholly accessible — Bella as near-universal point of identification.

So the real reason behind this all scandal story is because Twilight posts, sneak peeks, trailers, gossip, and speculation drives web traffic. “If you post it, the fans will come. ” Says Petersen. I had read her post on The Politics of Twilight Web Traffic long time ago but still had it in my mind. It basically says that the fictional/realtime Twillight story has developed a very powerful and proactive fan base online.

Twilight fuels more than just blogs like Deadline Hollywood Daily, Thompson on Hollywood, and Cinematical.  It also drives traffic to social networking and corporate sites.

Twilight content has emerged as one of the few sure bets.

Even on photos, Petersen’s blog had hit the roof when posting a picture of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson that garnered 40,000 hits at the time.

Yes Kstew played us all !

No wonder the last scandal with pictures of KStew and the Snow White Director eating her pussy in a Beatles car had hit the Jackpot!

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