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Jennifer Aniston is doing smart business.

Jennifer Aniston has inked a deal with Living Proof, the Massachusetts-based hair care company, to serve as a spokesperson and product creator. (WWD)

Jennifer Aniston has been a spokesmodel for L’Oreal and Smarter since 2007. She also launched her first fragrance with Falic Fashion Group in 2010.

Jennifer and Smart Water was a perfect match. But now she’s doing real smart business with Living Proof.

 Click here to read more about the partnership.

Basically, they’re saying that, Jennifer Aniston is becoming co-owner of the company. Damn it she’s smart!!!

I want a bigger share of what I’m selling. This is apparently what Aniston negotiated — her hair, widely considered to be her best physical feature, will represent the product and in exchange she becomes a major shareholder. Which is why that ring is on display in the first official photo released from Living Proof confirming the collaboration. LaineyGossip

Yes the RING! This is always about the ring and always has been… Remember that Jennifer Aniston is “The Actress Whose Best Role is ‘Celebrity’” none of her movie roles can compare to how much the audience is interested in Aniston’s own personal life.

Jennifer Aniston is doing smart business.

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