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Kristen Stewart x Balenciaga

While signing her for their new perfum brand “Florabotawatevernica”, Balenciaga stand out behing the infamous cheater teens of this summer : Kristen Stewart.

Can we say that this endorsements arrive-à-point ?! For both the celebrity And the brand.

the Twilight actress, 22, had cheated with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders, 41.

The ex infamous-teen-cheater officially stop keeping low profile( have she ever been low profile anyway?) and started a redemption strategy to clean her image.

Finally some proper strategy after the piss poor play of that simpering apology. Stewart appears to be ready to come out of hiding, gradually.

Since now she has an official reason to appear in public and this reason is not related to any of her very much selling summer scandal nor Twillight nor White Snow nor anything that can make us remember that she was a liar and a bad cheater.

In the other hand Balenciaga, to me, is the big winner of this lucrative association. This should makes us realize that as a brand if you’re looking for a new ambassador or spokesperson, you don’t necessary have to choose a clean and gossipless celebrity image but definitely look after intriguing and fascinating personality that is able to deliver a powerful story. That’s exactly what Kristen Stewart is providing for Balenciaga. First and most important VISIBILITY, second interesting textual STORY that last long, third an EMPATHIC distinctive personality. For now everyone have eyes onto her next public appearance and guess what ?? » Kristen is in Paris for the Fashion Week Balenciaga  show where she’ll be seated in the front row. According to Lainey Gossip who perfectly analysis KStew PR strategy says it’s Post-scandal Fashion Week Stewart .

According to socialitelife The Twilight Saga actress was the most searched for star on in the last three months.

Bobbie Malpass, Editor at, commented…

“Following the latest fashion trends can make you feel great and Kristen Stewart is certainly one to watch when it comes to her style. She has been all over the news lately, for all the wrong reasons, but still manages to fly the flag for fashionistas everywhere. Whatever she’s done wrong, you can’t fault the girl’s style! We will only be judging her on her sense of fashion, nothing more.”

KStew is doing good. I can’t help but wonder if this collaboration will be sufficient, she will probably need a new movie contrat to assure that she’s back in the game.

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