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Julia Roberts x Lancôme : Allegory of the Cave

Julia Roberts has been spokesperson for Lancôme since 2010 and she will always and forever be the perfect chose for the L’Oreal prestige brand. Remember that Lancôme made a huge mistake in a campaign last year with Roberts while they used digitally retouched images? Well they’re now back with the actress endorsing a perfume.

Julia is absolutely STUNNING! (Beware! My analysis is absolutely subjective and fanatic oriented).

_”In a world full of diktats and conventions could there be another way?”

You’re asking it right Julia ! In this video. Julia, now a brunette (omjayy!!), embodies the image of beauty perfection with enlightened conscience. Julia (and Lancôme) are talking about freedom and enjoying life. What a wonderfull world…you tell me!

_”La vie est belle”

I Love and will always love Julia Roberts, I can’t even remember the moment I first adored her. I don’t like her particularly because of her acting skills, neither because she played a hooker who suddenly felt in love with a rich old pepaw guy (a.k.a Richard Gere), which for the instance I always believe Pretty Woman was her worst performance ever. BUT! I admire her as a Hollywood star elite. She’s a real beauty, she got talent, elegance, charisma. I love her hair, her legs, her face, her lips …. yes I just love everything about Julia. To me she can’t do no wrong and she never will.

Anne Helen Petersen, my favourite doctor in celebrity, made Julia #4 on her Top 24 Female Stars. I totally agree with the entire description of J Roberts star power

Charisma: 10.  Yes, horse mouth, etc. etc., but you can’t deny what this woman has.

Gossip: 5.  She was gossip’s dream girl for most of her 20s and 30s, but is now super boring.

Prestige:  5.  Like Bullock, an Oscar in a role in which you play a slightly different version of your star persona does not equal prestige.

Endurance:  10.  After a hiatus to have children, seems to be back in the game.  Arguably the only one on this list who’s been a true powerhouse at the box office.

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