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Endorsement deals post-J.O : All about fashion

Today high statut athlete can pretend to reach 1 to 3 M$ in endorsement deal, according to NBC news. But, what advertisers look for from those athletes winners?

1) Personality is the most important thing, they want to have a brand-person capable to tell a fascinating story to what the consumer can connect with.

2) Do they a defining characteristic. Athlete have to be up to the edge, they must endorse their own brand as much as being great spokespersons. “Do they have something that American people want, or even globaly what people in generally want.
The right personality for the right brand is key to this working.

After J.O London 2012 Gold medal winners gain big money endorsements. Olympians become the new fashion ambassadors. Why fashion industry develop such interest in athletes ?

According to The Guardian “Sports personalities reach such a wide audience that no other celebrity can,” . Sport athletes represent the roots of celebritas word meaning: a real achiever, a heroes acclaimed by the mass.

Unlike a celebrity, though, Olympians are heroes, held in awe for their exceptional abilities. An Olympics medal winner has reached the highest possible point of personal and sporting achievement,”.By linking themselves to these people, brands are trying to create a shortcut to their own reputations in consumer minds.

The Guardian

Phelps x Louis Vuitton : The Phelps legend

Phelps is the big ticket winner making 5 to 7 M$ per years. He represent the record, the ultimate performance and just got the Olympics immortality with his 19 Olympic medals. So it’s not a hasard if the luxury brand choose him.

The LV ad shot by Annie Leibovitz, tell us the story of performance and classic history. Phelps is sitting on a couch next to 77-year-old Larisa Latynina – the former Soviet gymnast who held the record of the most ever individual Olympic medals (18), until Phelps broke the record this summer in London.

Phelps has 11 sponsors including, Subway, Hilton, Omega, P&G with Heald & Shoulders, Visa, Speedo.

Ryan Lochte : The Diva

“He has this Kanye West-like persona in terms of attention,” hollywoodreporter

Ryan Lochte is doing very well with endorsements deals. With deals including Speedo, Mutual of Omaha, Gillette, Gatorade, Proctor and Gamble, Ralph Lauren, Nissan, and AT&T, Fortune Magazine estimated that his endorsement earnings were roughly $2.3 million this past year.

Ryan Lochte will have a cameo in the new series of fashion plate TV show, 90210 and is friends with catwalk model Karlie Kloss.

Lotche Vs Phelps : How long Michael dominates before Ryan gets the edge?

Because compared to Phelps, Lochte seems (1) a bit more fresh upon the public’s conscience (he’s actually older than Phelps and won Gold in Beijing, but was somewhat submerged underwater by Phelps’s accomplishments), (2) less guarded, more presentable and well-spoken, and (3) more outwardly personable and less diva-ish.


Lotche is the sex symbol but Phelps is the legend.

Usain Bolt x Puma : the golden endorser

Bolt has successfully managed to capture a mere $20 million in endorsement deal. Part of this success is the 9 M$ deal with sport brand Puma.

 Usain Bolt signs biggest athletics sponsorship deal ever with Puma

Usain Bolt has signed the biggest sponsorship deal in athletics history, extending his contract with Puma to 2013 and catapulting the triple world record holder into the kind of financial terrain usually reserved for star footballers.

“It’s all about fashion. I’m trying to do different things, I’m trying to change the sport up pretty much,”

The Guardian

According to Forbes, Usain Bolt’s income is more than 20 times what other elite sprinters typically make in a year and more than any other athlete in the history of track and field.”

Gabby Douglas x Kelloggs : the P&G girl

Gabby was on People magazine cover “From tears to triumph” .

We rarely hear about gymnastics athletes but this time Gabby get us with her incredible defining personality. She is young, genuine, smiling, and she became the first African American women to win gold medal in gymnastic. She perfectly embodies the underdog character.

Her earning potential leading up to the next olympics could be on the way up. According to Forbes, Gabby Douglas will likely earn $5 million to $10 million in sponsorship deals over the next four to five years.

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