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Fashion Magazine September Issue : Lady Gaga * Vogue

I made the review of the Septembre Issue fashion magazine big cover battle

Vogue reveals his September issue cover with Lady Gaga as rumoured. THE September issue of Vogue is the biggest international collections issue ever to be produced you can imagine pressure when it’s time to choose the big celebrity who’s gonna sell the mag.

So Vogue tittle it : ” Dream Girl: Lady Gaga Graces the September Issue of Vogue

I have no doubt Gaga will sell the shit, Gaga previously covered the March 2011 issue of the fashion bible, but now Gaga is evidently good enough for the September issue as well. But there’s nothing in that tittle that makes me dream about. Lady Gaga Classy? Grace ? Dream Girl? Except that she’s a big Hollywood star making money… but hey ! What is she doing right now? I have no clue.

Celebitchy explains us the Gaga fatigue  before come-back :

Speaking of Gaga fatigue, we’ve enjoyed a bit of a reprieve over the past handful of months from Her Weirdness, but it’s rather obvious that she’s been gearing up for a return to the spotlight. The nude pool picture, the perfume ad, and the fact that Gaga’s been inexplicably rubbing nips with a cracked-out Lohan — all signs that our very own Pax Romana shall soon be drawing to an end.

As for the cover itself she continue

And the cover itself looks absolutely dreadful, right? Gaga looks all washed out, and the horrific wig plus unflattering couture gown aren’t helping matters.

[…] I do think she’s very savvy at manipulating her own image, and she’s got a good team around her as well It’s not because she “hate[s] the truth” that she puts on airs — it’s because she craves the attention. The attention, the money, and the fame.

Ahaha I can’t agree more, Lady Gaga is no classy but Vogue’s team know how to manipulate the brush. And this colour, Fuchsia, fits her very well. I do like the idea that Vogue is no pretentious enough to just features with supermodel but I haven’t figure it out why her WHY HER?

 Gaga’s interview excerpts @ Vogue talk mostly about her music and her perfume and why she signs with Coty (Duh! For money bitch!!)

UPDATE: for the other 35 September cover issue click HERE

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