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Jared Leto and the digital music transformation

Jared Leto’s first transformation was standard fare–from starlet-dating actor to starlet-dating prog-rock-band frontman.  Leto has created three startups (so far). 

For everyone who really knows me knows that I am (and always have been) secretly in love with Jared CatalanoLeto. But when I drop his name on top of my ‘celebrity-I-would-have-sex-with-any-day-anytime’ list hater-girls systematically laugh at me and ask :

_”But who is he anyway? (Hater#1 @Irene)

_”I can’t even name one movie he was in” (Hater#2 @Christina)  

_ “He was a pittoresque actor, he’s now a pittoresque singer musician” (haters#3  @karine & #4 @Joane).

You guys are fucking HATER…. Unfortunately I struggled to defend my protegé and I have to admit that… he has… no big talent. BUT!..

Yes there is a But, he completely transforms himself and his persona at the age of 40 ( yes 40 … and still has the face of an old teenager). From being a gorgeous  sexy blue eyes douchey  pretending to be an actor, Jared leto becomes the most alternative man alive. He is now one of the most creative entrepreneur of 2012.

Celebrity brand image

Leto has manipulate his image with perfection. Longtime ago he was constantly avoiding (and even insulting) paparazzi, he was the complete archetype of the beau actor dating actress and top-model. He was the fail version of Leonardo Dicaprio. In 2005 he quits the Hollywood acting sphere and find his way becoming a alt-rock singer and creates the 30 Seconds to Mars band. No ones would’ve give a peny on this crap but while still making it’s way the band have been gaining more and more attention among sixteen’ and gay emo’s fans.

Leto and the digital music

The music industry doth protest too much, Leto thinks

With the launch of three start-ups Jared Leto made his success by using digital content and online platforms to enhance his fan based. He is pushing the future of the music industry using adequately digital and web tools, stimulating proactive and innovative experience to grow engagement. He offers live-stream concert to reach a wider audience.

What’s next for the Leto Celebrity – Brand ?

Jared Leto has made his way with alt music mixing creativity, proximity, modern art, fashion attitude. But I wonder, how long will this mini success last ? I suspect he will have to comeback to the acting scene sooner or later.

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