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Fashion Magazine September Issue : Cover battle

  • Glamour choose Victoria Beckham,( Who no longer wants to be part of the big Spice Girls reunion Tour . She’s a fashion designer now.)
  • Elle is doubling down on Katy Perry, whose new movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me,” made $11 million in its opening weekend. (Money maker that makes sense)
  • W will go for Penelope Cruz , the star of Woody Allen’s latest film, “To Rome with Love,”. (Penelope always makes pretty classy cover)
  • Vanity Fair is going with Jessica Chastain. ( DING DING PERFECT CHOICE !)
  • Vogue’s September cover is rumoured to be pop star Lady Gaga, timed with the launch of her first fragrance. ( Lady Gaga sells but I still can’t stand her mini-mouse face)
  • Cosmopolitan cover choose the cast of “Pretty Little Liars” . (Well WWD says Cosmo is the new seventeen.. makes sens since I used to read this shit to know how or why making a BJ when I was 15..)
  • Harper’s Bazaar has shot Gwen Stefani ( Gives the girl a credit she’s trying to comeback..yeah trying. But she has a good style so why not..)
  • Marie Claire, it’ll be Miley Cyrus, (WTFF?!)
  • InStyle bet on Jennifer Lopez, who was part of American Idol ‘12 Judge panel. ( JLO is a cover queen money maker and so safe choice not even surprising)

…But where is the Lana Del Rey, Lindsay Lohan, Kardashian kunts, and most important where is SURI !?!?! This one truly deserve a cover for having enlighten my oh-so-boring summer time. Fashion mag are cowards and if I had money I would’ve probably spend it on C mag who interviewed Katie heroic-Holmes just before she announced her big money divorce to the planet…:P

Anyway which mag do you think will win this battle?

Fashion Magazine September Issue : Cover battle

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