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A Zou Bisou Bisou’s Sucess.

The New Celebrity of Mrs. Don Draper: from being Montreal’s “It” girl with Stardom to the new Mad Men girl you’ll love to read the amazing story of Jessica Paré :

Megan surprises her uncomfortable husband with a birthday party and an erotically charged rendition of the French ditty “Zou Bisou Bisou” performed in front of his co-workers. The clip went viral and turned Paré, a virtual unknown outside of her native Montreal, into an instant star.

Playing Mrs. Draper, she admits, “was definitely a major upswing in my career.”

When Paré first auditioned for Mad Men, it was to play the prostitute who slaps Don in the face during sex, in season four.

It had been Weiner’s plan all along to introduce an office girl, Megan, who would marry Don. He, of course, did not tell Paré. “Every time I did an episode, I didn’t know if I would be back,”

She talks as if she’s coming back for next season, though, she points out, “we all know this is not a show about Don Draper being a happy, healthy man.”



A Zou Bisou Bisou’s Sucess.

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