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Liv Tyler * Givenchy


Pitch : Very Irresistible Givenchy Electric Rose: a luminous and vibrant fragrance with a rock spirit just like its icon, Liv Tyler.

Music : ‘Need You Tonight”

Brand association logic : Liv Tyler is now long time face of Gyvenchy perfum so no need to justify the association. Unless what we can say is that this endorsing contrat should really help the actress since she haven’t act for a long time now ( last time I saw her on my screen she was speaking Elfik ).

Credibility : 3.5/5. Ok she’s luminous. Ok she is vibrant. Ok for the sense of rock spirit (thanks to her daddy rocker since she never had played any guitar nor sang nor anything rocknroll). BUT WHAT ABOUT the ‘ICON’ mention ?! Everyone is an icon now. I’m sorry Liv Tyler is no ICON!

Esthetic image : 4/5. She is a beauty she’s brunette and even more, she is true, no eating disorder, no drug problem , no middle age star crisis, no scandal, no nothing, she is pure with this sense of rock n roll spirit (thanks to daddy again).

So Liv Rundgren would have done nothing if wasn’t Liv Tyler. BUT! Her mother Bebe Buell she was the true Queen of Groupie Icon of late time.

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