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Madonna * Aldo


New collaboration alert !

Truth or Dare by Madonna, will collaborate with Aldo shoes.

Target : women between 27 50 sensually & timeless look

Brand association logic ?Truth or Dare by Madonna is about power beauty and femininity embodied by Madonna persona . What about Aldo ?

PLUS : Aldo needs more publicity, during economic fatigue they had to enhance their visibility and grow in the global market. And, obviously, need to mimic H&M, and why not to? Since the celebrity collaboration creation strategy really is working.

MANUS : Did you remember that Madonna was a renown stylist ?? We all know that her next StellaMcCartney of a child Lourdes is but Madonna?.. Well, I’ve got to admit that it does work for me. Yes she is credible in this role because Madonna is Madonna and Madonna can do anything, if she can do THIS well she can create shoes for Aldo. And everything she does is a success (hmm… wait.. except cinema of course remember Evita !)

See, Madonna gives you all her lovin too !

Source : Newswire & lesaffaires

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