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Polaroid and Lady Gaga – GL10

EVENTS & COLLABORATION: Gaga partening with Polaroid created GL10 _ Multiples celebrities known for having artistic abilities such as James Franco, Steven Klein, and Tyra Banks (??? what is the coherence of the association?)

Celebrities attractiveness factor : 3/5

Celebrities credibility rated : 2.5 /5

Meanings transfer : Well James Franco is obviously a P.hd of “” so he got all my credibility; Steven Klein’s got 200% credibility for having KFED’s throat cut , but for Tyra Banks I really don’t see the point.

But Polaroid got Demarchelier so…

celebrity attractiveness : 5/5

Celebrity field of credibility : Fashion, modern photography, middle-art, pop-culture

And then there is Gaga… well I have to say she’s a perfect match. She is actually the ultimate celebrity endorser, she no needs any credibility but have the perfect mass media exposure Polaroid needed.

Polaroid and Lady Gaga – GL10

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